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Stay in touch with family and friends without the boundaries of cellular coverage.1

No credit card or plan required!2

Keep in touch with anyone. Anywhere.

The free Bullitt Satellite Messenger app allows you to stay in touch with your entire contact book through one easy to use application.

Own a satellite enabled device? Message over an internet or satellite connection to any of your contacts with the Bullitt Satellite Messenger app – and it’s free for them to read and respond to your messages!

Never lose coverage again.

When patchy signal lets you down Bullitt Satellite Messenger seamlessly switches between a satellite signal and your standard cellular network*.

When paired with a satellite device.

Peace of mind. At the touch of a button.

All paid* Bullitt Satellite Messenger accounts come with unlimited SOS assistance. Help is always just a tap away. Bullitt Satellite Messenger connects you to our SOS partner, FocusPoint, which is fully monitored 24/7, 365 days a year, and provides support in over 200 languages. Emergency SOS works over a satellite or standard internet connection3.

Getting started is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Anyone can register for a free Bullitt Satellite Messenger account. 

Simply download the app, enter your phone number and create a password, then input the OTP and you’re ready to start messaging!

Messaging over a standard cellular network requires no additional account or setup, regardless of who you’re messaging.

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1An active satellite plan and compatible Bullitt Satellite device is required to send and receive messages when there is no cellular connection. Messages sent and received via a cellular connection are free of charge and do not count towards your satellite data quota.
2A valid credit or debit card is required at the time of activating any satellite product. If you are not registering a satellite device, you can use Bullitt Satellite Messenger via a normal cellular connection free of charge.
3To use the emergency SOS button on the motorola defy satellite link the unit must have a satellite connection, otherwise, an SOS must be initiated from the Bullitt Satellite Messenger app.