The Red Bull X-Alps is a race tailor made for online followers. At the heart of the adventure lies Live Tracking, which allows fans to follow their favourite athletes in real time thanks to the Cat S75 and Bullitt Satellite.

Fans can watch the race unfold in real time and see whether an athlete is hiking or flying, explore their tracks and analyse other metrics such as speed, altitude, distance-to-go and more.

So how does it work?

All 32 athletes competing in the Red Bull X-Alps 2023 are required to carry a Bullitt Satellite enabled Cat S75 Android smartphone. The Cat S75 is the primary source of the race tracking for competitors, and allows users around the world access to the live tracking feeds 24 hours a day.

The device has a unique Red Bull X-Alps application, developed specifically for those involved in the race, which uses GPS and other in built device technology to constantly track and regularly update every element of the athlete’s journey across the alps – as they are flying, hiking or resting. Race fans are constantly updated on the location and status of their favourite athlete.

As well as using the Cat S75 for tracking, all athletes also have the ability to use two-way satellite messaging features for staying in touch with their support teams, friends or family if they find themselves in an area with no mobile coverage.

Athlete tracking is available to view at the dedicated Bullitt Red Bull X-Alps page or by visiting the Red Bull X-Alps website.