SOS Emergency Response Services

via Bullitt Satellite Messenger


In partnership with FocusPoint International

How Does the SOS Service Help Me?

In a crisis, emergency services can save your life. But not all crises are immediately life-threatening, such as when your vehicle breaks down in the middle of nowhere, or your bike, boat or skis malfunction, or if you’ve wandered off a hiking trail.

Our satellite SOS service puts a reliable lifeline in your pocket, wherever you may roam, and for whatever goes wrong.


Get Help When You Need it Most

Help is always just a tap away. Bullitt Satellite Messenger connects you to our SOS partner, FocusPoint, which is fully monitored 24/7, 365 days a year, and provides support in over 200 languages.

SOS messages are automatically encoded with your location details and are answered in less than a minute, and validated, authenticated and escalated within 10 minutes.

Your incident will be assessed and responded to accordingly. This could range from providing directions when lost to initiating and coordinating a response for a full-on medical emergency.

This service is provided by our partner, FocusPoint International, a company with decades of experience handling and managing response for emergency situations.

When it Comes to Recues, Outdoor Enthusiasts Lead the Way

Since 2011, FocusPoint has coordinated over 100,000 rescues during various activities. The top 10 are:

Who is FocusPoint International?

FocusPoint International is a critical event management company specializing in Emergency Response as a Service (ERaaS). Their response centers are equipped and experienced in SOS case handling and response management.

With 16 offices on 5 continents and over 5,000 proprietary and vetted personnel, these response centers are professionally staffed 24/7, ready and waiting to react to alerts from Bullitt Satellite Messenger customers.


users rely on FocusPoint


assistance requests monthly


SOS alerts daily


languages supported


dedicated medical, security and crisis response specialists


rescues since 2011

See for more information.

How Does it Work?

  1. Sign up for a Bullitt Satellite Messenger plan and link it with your Bullitt-compatible device. For more info on compatible devices, see
  1. When in need of emergency assistance, tap and hold the SOS button in the app (3 seconds) or press and hold the physical key on a Bullitt-connected device (typically 5 seconds) to raise an SOS alert.
  1. When an SOS is raised, an alarm notification with details of your location is sent to a FocusPoint International’s SOS response center, via any available Internet connection or over the Bullitt satellite service.
  1. Within the app, you will then be asked a quick and simple series of questions to help the SOS response center staff establish a basic understanding of the circumstances of your assistance request. This includes questions about whether you are alone or with others; if it is you or someone else needing help; or if you are injured, sick, or in danger. Once complete, these responses are sent on to the SOS response center with an update of your location.
  1. You can then engage in a two-way conversation with the SOS response center, respond to any questions they ask, and provide them with any further information about your situation that may be relevant. Advice and guidance will be given along with updates as your case is escalated to relevant authorities to dispatch local emergency responders to your location.
  1. The SOS response center will also get in touch with your emergency contact(s).

In the event that you activate the alarm using a Bullitt-compatible Bluetooth device, such as the Motorola Defy Satellite Link, and your paired smartphone is inaccessible or has run out of battery, the SOS response center will use your location data, as well as any additional information they can gather about you (such as details provided by your emergency contacts), to elevate the situation and facilitate the most suitable emergency response.

Still have questions? Check out the Questions & Answers section

Premium SOS – Overwatch & Rescue

Included with every Bullitt Satellite Messenger plan is our standard SOS service, ensuring you can activate an emergency alert whenever assistance is required.

However, not all rescues come without a cost. Depending on the country and situation, local emergency services may impose charges on the individual who receives assistance during a rescue operation. Similar to when someone contacts local emergency services, the person being helped is held accountable for covering these expenses.


That’s where our premium option, the Overwatch & Rescue plan, provided by FocusPoint International, comes in!

Overwatch & Rescue is a fully-funded emergency assistance plan that will cover the costs associated with emergency response and/or rescue of the individual plan holder, for an affordable annual fee.

At just $35 annually*, the Overwatch & Rescue Plan is great value and a MUST-have for anyone that lives, works, or plays on the fringe of cellular connectivity.

View Overwatch & Rescue terms and conditions.

*Price shown in USD, exclusive of tax. Prices in other currencies may vary. 12-month term, conditions apply.

  • 24/7 assistance hotline, in addition to Bullitt Satellite Messenger’s SOS service
  • Crisis consultation (phone advice)
  • Emergency message transmission during the period of emergency or travel
  • Legal referrals during the period of travel
  • Lost document advice and assistance during the period of travel
  • Access to interpreters during the period of emergency or travel
  • Response to any of the following emergency events:
    • Disappearance of persons, search and rescue (SAR), natural disasters, violent crime, political threats (extended to include civil threats caused by riots, strikes and civil commotion), terrorism, kidnap for ransom, blackmail or extortion, wrongful detention, hi-jacking, pandemic threat
  • Emergency relocation when a SAR is activated
  • Medically necessary repatriation (nearest appropriate hospital)
  • Repatriation of mortal remains
  • Visit of a family member or friend (when hospitalized during a qualifying period of travel)
  • Return of dependent children
  • Transport escort
  • COVID-19 illness medically necessary repatriation during the period of foreign travel

Questions & Answers

Almost. You can use the SOS service to contact FocusPoint International’s SOS  response center wherever you have Bullitt satellite service or an Internet connection, except in the following countries:

  • Iran
  • North Korea
  • Somalia
  • Sudan
  • Syria
  • Afghanistan
  • Venezuela
  • Yemen

In these countries, the SOS service is not available.

No. You can use the SOS feature to contact the SOS response center without using any of your satellite messaging data. Unlimited two-way messaging with the response center is included.

However, you do need a subscription – any subscription – to a Bullitt Satellite Messenger data plan to use the SOS feature. All plans include the Standard SOS service, and a premium fully-funded emergency assistance plan option, ‘Overwatch & Rescue’, is available for a small annual fee.

The Standard SOS service gets you in touch with the FocusPoint SOS response center when you need it. The professionally-trained staff will establish what they can about your situation and escalate the case to the relevant local authorities to respond. 

But not all rescues are free. In some countries and contexts, if a rescue is carried out, local emergency services may charge a fee to the person assisted. Just as it would be if you phoned the local emergency services, the assisted person is responsible for those costs.

That’s where our premium option, an annual Overwatch & Rescue plan from FocusPoint International, comes in.

Overwatch & Rescue is a fully-funded emergency assistance plan, that will take care of fees associated with an emergency response and/or rescue of the individual plan holder, for an affordable annual fee.

During a crisis event or medically necessary evacuation, O&R operations will arrange and pay on the customer’s behalf, expenses associated with the crisis (i.e., shelter in place, safe harbor, evacuation) or for medically necessary transport.

No. The Overwatch & Rescue plan is specific to the individual user. If someone other than the plan holder uses the Bullitt Satellite Messenger SOS feature, they will be assisted as a Standard SOS customer.

For instance, individuals can seek aid, but they will be accountable for any potential fees or charges related to their rescue that might be imposed by local emergency service providers in certain regions.

Bullitt and FocusPoint are exploring options to enable customers to purchase family plans, but this option is not available today.

 No. Overwatch & Rescue is not an insurance policy, or intended to replace travel, medical, or trip insurance plans. Overwatch & Rescue enhances the Bullitt Satellite Messenger customer experience during a crisis, eliminating out-of-pocket expenses, deductibles, or claim processing. Overwatch & Rescue has no monetary limits; the service limitations are based on the following:

  • Frequency of use requiring expense deployment during a plan year
  • The number of assistance days

Overwatch & Rescue will provide either:

  • Search and rescue (SAR) expenses
  • Costs to conduct medically necessary transport to the nearest appropriate care facility

Payment of SAR expenses applies to those that are required to satisfy a financial obligation imposed by rescue authorities and are paid on behalf of the Bullitt/ Overwatch & Rescue customer. For comprehensive information on the definition of hazardous sports and the terms and conditions, please refer to the Overwatch & Rescue plan documentation.